Small groups are an essential part of the growth of our church, and any church at that. One still follows the pattern of worship, prayer, and the word but on a smaller more personal scale. The Church Small Group is a group community of 5 to 10 members that meet weekly at a home, park, coffee house, etc. to focus not only on building fellowship but on maturing spiritually.


    River of Life Fellowship is a small-group-based church. This type of church is one that emphasizes both small group meetings and celebration with equal importance.


    In the small-group-based church, the small group is the church and celebration is the church. Every worshiper is highly encouraged to attend both the weekly small group meeting and the Sunday Celebration service. Most people know what the Sunday church celebration looks like.


    As a Small-Group-Based Church, we also have other ministries (e.g. ushering, worship, prayer). However, these ministries exist to support the small groups and Sunday celebration. Everyone participating in a church ministry is also actively involved in a small group, if not leading one (this is especially true of the pastoral elders). In the small-group-based church, the small group is the backbone, or center, of church ministry. Small group ministry replaces the need for many traditional programs.